Pisa Italy

One of the wonders of the world and one of the must see places on earth. I used to be stationed in Toulon. Pisa is not quite a distance from here. A bunch of my latin friends and I planned this trip to visit the marvel. A very touristic place…people from all over, very Italian […]

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Tenerife Espania

Visited this small island every time we crossed over the atlantic… This was a pit stop after 14-15 days at sea. And do I say more. There we let the demons out. All you could hear is the noises that only said one thing! Let the beer flow!!! A beautiful place that is compact yet […]

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Nassau Bahamas

These pictures were taken in the very famous hotel (Atlantis) where Casino Royal was shot. Got a chance to visit this massive property that has everything inside it. An aqua zoo to one of the largest casinos in the world. Bahamas is all about the bling and the beautiful waters. And something like this just […]

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Barcelona, La Rambla market

One of the most colourful huge and sufficient markets I have ever come across. Not that I visited too many in other places. Since this is located on the heart of La Rambla there is no chance of missing it. You name it and they have it. Right from meat to eggs, fruits and veggies, […]

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Gothenburg & the Volvo Museum

Visited Goburg in a couple of occasions. Its also called the automobile city or the city where most of the innovations related automobiles happen. One of the examples is that it is home to the famous Volvo. Volvo has its own Museum that showcases their first to the last cars, passenger vehicles, public, multipurpose, sports, […]

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