Barcelona, La Rambla market

One of the most colourful huge and sufficient markets I have ever come across. Not that I visited too many in other places. Since this is located on the heart of La Rambla there is no chance of missing it. You name it and they have it. Right from meat to eggs, fruits and veggies, […]

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Gothenburg & the Volvo Museum

Visited Goburg in a couple of occasions. Its also called the automobile city or the city where most of the innovations related automobiles happen. One of the examples is that it is home to the famous Volvo. Volvo has its own Museum that showcases their first to the last cars, passenger vehicles, public, multipurpose, sports, […]

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Sail away from Stockholm…

The best sail away’s are always in the Baltic. And having experienced so many of them, this one will always remain etched to my heart. I never wanted this sail away to ever end. And all this happening at dusk made it even more beautiful. The small islands and the people who dwell in it… […]

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Cadiz..By the coffee shop!

This was the place for almost a month… The place where I lived my thoughts…I usually spent long hours sipping on coffee, reading books and listening to music… This was my usual seating (luckily every day) and my daily view of the nuances of Cadiz. I always picked up my newspaper in English, met up […]

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Curacao…Dutch Islands

Thinking of the colonial period…the dutch had a lot of interests in the blue watered caribbean. Again a dutch island that boasts about the most beautiful beaches in the world. The rustic feel of Curacao still remains! A perfect getaway while with your group. Sit back relax, take a swim, get a drink, smell the […]

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