Maho Beach…@st Martin

One of a kind! St Martin or Marteen is a Dutch and French island in the Caribbean. Each of the sides have its own fair share of offerings. One of them is this spectacular beach by the airport on the French side. The airport is so close to the beach, you can see the aircrafts by its belly as they land and take off through out the day! Quite scary but we go by the gut feeling!!! It is also surrounded by a casino and some shacks to complement your swim at the beach! One of the must see places on earth!

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Ocho Rios – Jamaica

While you are in love just visit Jamaica and it will take you on a total high! I kept coming back to this place where troubles don’t seem to trouble anyone. Ya man! as they say…you just go with the flow… the reggae, the crystal clear beaches… some dark beer, beef patties or jerk chicken…the […]

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Vatican City-ROME

Had to visit this place of holiness while I was constantly in the neighbouring city of Civitavecchia in Italy. It’s a 40 min train ride to Rome. We went as a group this time. My friends from the Caribbean and India. The closer i got to the vatican…my imagination started turning into reality. A great […]

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Tallin Estonia..

Had been to this tiny little place in the Baltic during one of my voyages…this place still looks like its out of a comic book…got to meet shrek!! The castles, the view from the top and into the sea…was like a dream… The streets were full of life… This place can be explored just by […]

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